As we come to the close of 2020, one of the strangest and most stressful years in a long time for many people, we believe that people need Hope. There are many places and ways though, that people find their Hope. Some fade, while others stand the test of time. We believe that when people find their Hope anchored in Jesus they will not only find Hope for today. They will find Hope forever. 

We encourage you to participate this Advent Season.

Hope. Without it, life sinks. With it, nothing can stop us. So, where do you get your hope from?  This Christmas Season at CPC we’re exploring one of the most ancient Christian beliefs. That anyone can have a hope that never fades.  We hope you can join us each Advent Sunday morning through worship continuing through Christmas Eve.


December 24  4- 4:30pm.      Join us Christmas Eve outside at CPC for socially distant and mask-wearing fun to celebrate the birth of our Savior! Our 30-minute family-friendly service lead by Pastor Aaron, CPCKids & CPCStudent Teams will include music and interactive story-telling. If you have any questions regarding the COVID guidelines we are following please contact Jill Rumple, CPCKids Director.   Let us know you’re coming.      REGISTER HERE 


Livestream of the Worship Service at 7:00pm

December 24   5:30 & 7:00pm.  In these dark days of COVID, many are yearning for a source of true Hope. A hope that is so real and so powerful that it dispels the darkness of anxiety, uncertainty and fear. The need for hope is nothing new. People have been seeking it since the beginning of the world. Come and experience this hope that many have found. A hope that does not disappoint and assures that a better future is a reality. Join us as we celebrate this hope through a song- filled candlelight worship experience this Christmas Eve.

Limited seating for each worship service.   Reserve HERE   



Hope for Housing. 

Homelessness looms for many local families. Covid has resulted in significant job loss for low-income wage earners. a salary, rent cannot be paid. CPC mission partner WFCM bridges the gap by providing emergency housing funds until longer, sustainable solutions can be attained.

This year’s Advent Missions Giving will come alongside WFCM to help families stay housed. On average, WFCM provides $600 for one month as an emergency transition (about $20 a day). Our 2020 goal is $20,000 for 1,000 days of emergency funds.
Every $20 given is another day a family stays in their home. Join us as we share the hope for housing this Christmas! 

CPC Giving Tree

Opportunities to serve the community abound this year. Stop by the church lobby to see opportunities on our Giving Tree in the lobby, or find opportunities online to make a difference in someone’s life during this season of Advent. ALl gifts due December 13.