Life Groups (LG)

LifeGroups accomplish a simple but important purpose — to grow disciples of Jesus Christ! 

God created us to live in relationship with others, to grow in Christian maturity and to spread the gospel. Only then can we experience His full grace in our lives. Sharing life through the community is one of our main strategies in accomplishing this and a way to experience deep, meaningful relationships.

Summer Virtual Life Groups – would you like to participate in a Virtual Life Group from the comforts of your home?  Find a day/time that works for you and email Teri Bishop or the leader.  
  • Sundays 11:30am – leader Brad Pool
  • Sundays 7pm – leaders Anne and Jon Gick 
  • Tuesdays 7pm – leaders Brad and Emily Gardner
  • Wednesdays 7pm – leaders Tim and Elizabeth Luffy
  • Thursdays 7:30pm – leaders Andrea and Steve Owensby

Our Audacious Goal: We embrace the season of life we find ourselves in by setting and fixing our eyes on the goal that our people come out of “Corona life” more connected to each other and their church family not less!

Discussion Guides:


Other Opportunities through Virtual LifeGroups 

Women’s Book Club  

First Friday of Each Month. 7-8:30pm
Come enjoy the virtual community of women that like to gather and discuss books of every genre. (reading the book is optional though). More information contact