Adult Discipleship seeks to help each person become a more mature follower of Jesus Christ.

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VIRTUAL LifeGroups

What are VLG’s: Because of COVID-19, we are initially asking our CPC members to gather in  Virtual LifeGroups (VLG) until we know it’s okay to meet in- person again. We will use the VLG’s as an opportunity to get to know each other, connect as a church family and discuss the Stronger After sermons.  Want to get involved? Contact Teri Bishop at



Growth Pathways classes help you take steps towards God’s plan for your life.

  • 101 – Learn about CPC
  • 201 – How to be Ignited!
  • 301 – How to be Active
  • 401 – How to be a Growing Disciple.


Do you have questions about how you can best grow your faith at CPC?  Please contact Teri Bishop at

Our discipleship team:  Lou Kershner, Todd Pangman, John Wallace, Willie McIntosh, Brian Mowbray.