A Sunday With Many Blessings.

JOB WELL DONE– Heidi Tucker and Cindy Roberts. We appreciate your dedication and leadership through the many years of service here as our 2 for one Business Managers.

WELCOME Allen Haywood as you step into this position.

PRAISE THE LORD for our passionate caring congregation as we work through many details to be the most efficient Discipleship making church possible. (If you missed out on getting the annual report or Descriptive Budget, let us know and we will shoot you a copy. contact Kim Gilbert, (kim@cpceco.org). Catch our CPC in review video-


What a wonderful end of the day with our Annual Chili Cookoff!  Bragging rights go to John Gerndt for the best chili of them all!  A shout out to all those involved in setup, preparation, food, and cleanup.