Clerk of Session 2021 Report

The CPC Session provides spiritual leadership and government of the church.  It consists of the Pastors and Elders in active service.  The congregation elects Elders to serve for three-year terms.

The ruling elders serving CPC in 2021 were Dan Marcus (2021), Steve Calesaric (2021), Julie Forrest (2021), Karen Gerndt (2021), Esther Eng (2022), Todd Martin (2022), John Cartwright (2023), Brad Gardner (2023), Chuck Muggleworth (2022), Clay Worley (2023), and Don Dumas (2022) Steve Rathmanner (2023).

2021 Highlights

Session continued to focus on transforming CPC into an active and growing church committed to the Great Commission and living out the Great Commandment. The measures taken to mitigate COVID-19 pandemic that took hold in March of 2020 continued to impact the way we as a church could go about fulfilling those purposes this past year. As a Session, we continued to work with our Pastors and Staff to give them the support and resources necessary to adapt to new ways of doing ministry.

Session continued to plan and work on leadership transition needs. We continued to ensure CPC has the leadership and processes necessary to work toward our vision of a growing healthy church committed to making disciples in Northern Virginia.

  • We helped with Senior Pastor transition as Rev. Rob Bromhead retired in February and Rev. Aaron McMillan became Senior Pastor.
  • We implemented new leadership structure and principles based on many months of planning and discernment. The new structure seeks to align the Deacons Ministry more directly with Pastoral Care; focuses Session on Church vision and strategy; and gives the Senior Pastor responsibility for carrying out staff-led operations with guidance provided by Session.
  • We convened a successful search for an Associate Pastor, resulting in the hiring of Rev. Paul Lauerman.
  • We continued to administer the Fresh Start Funds via the Fresh Start Discernment Team.
  • We met with Ad Fontes—who use CPC facilities—to plan for future use and began discerning opportunities for increased missional alignment.

We remain amazed at how God has provided throughout the year, especially through the dedicated and creative efforts of CPC Pastors, Staff, and volunteers. They lived the Great Commission and Great Commandment by pouring themselves out daily to keep our church running, provide for our congregation, and serve our community. We also witnessed God’s provision in overcoming our projected 2021 budget shortfall. We remain excited that CPC continues to seek Christ faithfully and joyfully and to make Him known to the world around us.

Todd Martin
Clerk of Session

Not one of all the LORD’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled. (Joshua 21:45)

2021 Statistics

Active Membership as of 1/1/2021333
New Members13
Member Deaths1
Member Transfers (out)1
Members Removed7
Active Membership as of 12/31/2019337


Child Baptisms5
Adult Baptisms0
Marriages Officiated by CPC Pastors1
Sunday Worship Attendance (Average)

–        In Person

–        YouTube

–        Facebook Views

–        Facebook Reached/Engaged






Easter Sunday Worship Attendance

–        In Person

–        YouTube

–        Facebook Views

–        Facebook Reached/Engaged






Christmas Eve Worship Attendance

–        In Person

–        YouTube

–        Facebook Views

–        Facebook Reached/Engaged







CPC adapted worship services to pandemic-related restrictions throughout 2021:

  • Worship services were offered by live stream and recorded video over YouTube and Facebook.
  • YouTube and Facebook use various reporting statistics regarding user views and interactions with the videos. Facebook Reached is the number of people who have seen the video and promotional posts. Facebook Engaged are the percentage of viewers who took some sort of action with the video, such as sharing, clicking or commenting.