FRESH START Program Review

In April of 2018, God led us to launch the Fresh Start Campaign for the purpose of addressing a challenge and some needs. The challenge was to pay the denomination (PCUSA) a fee of over $833,000 in order to disaffiliate from it with our building. The needs for capital improvement were to replace the roof on our building, make repairs to the parking lot, and upgrade the worship center. Based on the analysis of a fundraising firm, in conjunction with prayer, the goal for the three-year campaign was set at $1.1 million dollars.

Much to our surprise, God moved his people here at CPC to pledge over $2 million! Of the amount pledged, over half was given during 2018, which allowed us to pay off the denomination and do the necessary repairs. Expenditures of additional funds align with two impact areas—the Strategic Plan’s Outreach objectives, as well as Missions and Evangelism. These impact areas directly support our mission “Know Jesus and Make Him Known.” A screening process is in place to determine if funding requests fit within these two impact areas. The team that screens the requests consists of the chair of Strategic Planning, an Elder liaison to the Operations Board, and a staff liaison to ensure appropriate use of the Fresh Start funds.

Additional Expenditures to date:

  • Relocation and renovation of the Children’s Ministry area
  • Outreach events to families in the community through the Easter and Lunch Hunt
  • Neighborhood block parties
  • English tutoring program for students and families of London Towne Elementary School
  • Completing the necessary building renovations to equip us for ministry in 2021, and beyond
  • Installing a livestream system and stage lighting, as well as implementing technology enhancements
  • Funding multiple mission related projects
  • Installation of a toddler playground out back (2nd Quarter)
  • Completion of the HVAC analysis
  • Additional community outreach through bridge events ( including outdoor worship services, in home deliveries of themed bags
  • New outreach mission projects
  • Completion of the lobby renovation with coffee bars

Future Plans

The expenditure of the additional funds aligns with two impact areas—the Strategic Plan’s Outreach objectives, as well as Missions and Evangelism, which directly support our mission. Looking ahead to 2022, we hope to pursuing the following with the final funds available:

  • Exploration of a church plant (establishing a team to research, plan, and execute this effort) – Currently focusing on the 24/7 ministry and ways to assist their ministry
  • Continuing to look for innovative ideas to minister to our neighbors and community.




Centreville Presbyterian Church
Fresh Start Campaign Contributions and Disbursements
            2017-2018 Contributions                      $  1,075,090
            2019 Contributions                             415,100
            2020 Contributions                             272,317
            2021 Contributions                             133,736
Total Contributions                      $  1,896,243
            2018 Disaffiliation Payment to Presbytery$  833,272
            2018 Disbursements    139,584
            2019 Disbursements    362,219
            2020 Disbursements    203,072
            Subtotal for 2018-2020                       $  1,538,147
            2021 Disbursements: 
                 Children  $  26,023
                 Missions      25,210
                 Connect/Outreach      23,375
                 Bridge Events        5,216
            Total 2021 Disbursements                          $    79,824
Total Disbursements through December 31, 2021                        $ 1,617,971
Fresh Start Campaign Contributions Net of Disbursements as of December 31, 2021 

$    278,272