2021 Highlighted Ministry Accomplishments

MISSIONS Ministry-  CPC leads and partners with missionaries and mission agencies to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment by creating a culture that shares the gospel with a kingdom perspective in our community and around the world.

  • This year brought unique challenges as we sought best practices to serve the spiritual and physical needs of others. Although vulnerabilities of those we serve as well as the vulnerabilities of our CPC family reduced our in-person ministries, such as tutoring local children and doing mission trips, we continued to work closely with each missionary and mission agency.
  • In 2021, walking alongside vulnerable families continued as a significant role in our mission work. Our congregation donated 64 backpacks and 100 headphones to children as they returned to in-person classes. We spread the joy of Easter through 59 gift baskets for children in homeless shelters. And, we were excited  to return to in-person instruction for our English Class for Parents at London Towne Elementary School. Although we had to postpone the 2021 mission teams, both the Ericksons (Guatemala) and Gary Schneider (Zambia) were able to visit CPC to give updates about their work with children and families.
  • Our congregation cares deeply that people have shelter, clothing, and food. We served meals monthly at a local day shelter, the Lamb Center. To be Covid-safe, we purchased boxed lunches from Moe’s in Chantilly and provided to-go items of fruits and vegetables. The Spring Food Drive and KidsCamp collected 1,475 pounds of food for the local food pantry, WFCM. In September, our all-church effort collected and assembled items into 100 buckets of clean-up supplies for hurricane victims. Through the generosity of CPC, we also distributed gift cards to vulnerable teens, paper products for the Lamb Center, gift bags for homeless women, Christmas gifts for local children, and bikes for the EOH bike shop in Zambia.
  • While all of our missionaries share the message of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, several focus primarily on evangelism. We continue to pray for Jonathan and Julie Bromhead as they work to establish a new faith community in New Jersey. Church planting is hard work and harder still in a pandemic. Internationally, we gave additional financial support to the Chhetri family as they worked closely with new pastors in Nepal.
  • With a dedicated team, CPC committed to assist with the resettlement of Afghan refugee families in our area. We are working with three families to help set up homes, find employment, enroll children in school, learn English, and more. The needs have been many, but the CPC family provided many household items, moving assistance, and ongoing encouragement.


  • In 2021, our 16 deacons each provided care to about 12 flock units (families or individuals). They made over 1,250 attempts to reach their flock members  in-person and/or through phone calls, texts, emails, cards, and notes. Through the Mugs & Mugshots campaign, the deacons took over 121 photos for inclusion in CPC’s online pictorial directory, Realm. Also, the Deacons’ Bereavement Coordinator also provided assistance at the memorial service for Dan Magana.
  • Eight persons received regular and in-depth one-on-one care from members of our Stephen Ministry Team.
  • The Care Fund, which consists of three people who operate under the Session’s oversight, distributed $ $15,292.13 to persons in need and who have established and accountable relationships with CPC covenant partners (members).
  • God Sightings: In his service as a deacon, Dave Arnold discovered a longing among some of the men in his flock for more opportunities to support and encourage one another. In response, Dave began to work with Mike Kershner, Bryan Olden, and others to start the Men’s Ministry initiative that began this fall.


  • We hosted two Lifegroup seasons with 8 zoom groups in Winter (more than 90 participants) and 5 In-person/ 3 Zoom groups in Fall including 120 people (leaders included- Andrea Owensby, Brad Pool,Clay Worley, Laurie & Dave Arnold, Polizzi’s,
  • 2 Women’s studies led by Julie Burke and Deb White continued throughout the year on zoom and over 50 women participated
  • One Sunday morning Bible study averaged 10 people/One Mixed Bible study led by Steve Calesaric and Robert Paik included 8-10 via zoom


  • Successfully relaunched the CPC Student Ministry with a consistent student ministry service as well as worship nights and events.
  • Students grow in their faith as well as see them become more active in ministry – during the Sunday services or teaching and leading during worship nights and youth groups.
  • Growth in the number of students coming to the youth group. Expectation wasn’t high for growth in numbers this year, but students are bringing friends to the ministry and numbers have increased!


  • Sunday morning programs- provided nursery care, PreK and Elementary Children’s programs, transitioning from 10am reservation system to 10:30 am programs w/ move to two services and transitioning back to children beginning in worship with families in the Fall. We have a team of 15 regular adult volunteers and 6 high school/ middle school assistants that rotate teaching on Sunday mornings.
  • 2021 Easter “Egged” program delivered approx. 45 “Egged” kits to CPC Families along with 60 “Egged” kits for the community, encouraging CPC families to outreach to friends and neighbors by sharing the good news of Jesus with others.
  • CPCKids Camp (VBS) hosted over 60 children with 32 volunteers serving an amazing week June 21-25th at Rocky Railway VBS.
  • We were able to return to more in-person Advent and Christmas events, with Gingerbread Bash Advent Workshop moving downstairs to engage more families after worship and the return of Christmas Eve animals outdoors.


Operations Board

  • Fresh Start disbursed $75,611 in 2021.  Highlights include the new tot lot, our coffee bar, on-going support for Mt. View and London Town communities, and our “clean bucket” shipment of supplies to areas affected by storms. Breakdown is as follows: Bridge Events  $5,478 / Outreach 23,000 /  Children  26,023 / Missions 20,730


  • Personnel handbook reworked and put into use
  • Built salary standards for hiring and evaluating staff


  • Installation of Cul-de-sac pavement repair to minimize hazards for AFA
  • Installation of Tot Lot
  • Regrade and French drains for back area due to draining issues
  • re-insulating of all outdoor Heating and cooling exposed lines
  • Security Upgrade
  • Lobby Window replacement and repair
  • Upkeep of facility as well as maintain all building contracts
  • We were blessed to have Member Sarah Eng complete her Eagle project with us by adding additional wall supports as well as better walking paths between the gardens to make this ministry operate more effectively.


  • CPC welcomed on Sunday morning 38 in- person guests to CPC- 16 families continue to attend and thrive. 2 families have become members.
  • In May we resumed Sunday morning Coffee service
  • Coordinated a Bromhead Sunday Picnic event as well as many mini celebrations
  • Hired a Communications Manager that assists in visual graphics and videos for both print/digital and livestream.


  • Develop special services for the year that included: Pastor Rob Bromheads final farewell, Unique Easter services, Christmas Services
  • Recruiting and Cross training band and AVL team to better serve the ministry as well as increased this team by 4 people
  • Developed quality of Livestream
  • Provide set up and implementing zoom Livestream meetings
  • Assist all ministries and AFA as needed
  • Developed a liturgy training to equip our liturgists
  • Oversee the decor of the Worship Center