We traveled the world this Summer/Spring!

CPC mission partners in Guatemala, Zambia, and Nepal shared their lives and ministry through a Zoom portal. Although we cannot be with our partners this year, we loved the virtual visits and hearing how much God is at work! MANY thanks to our mission partners for all their work to bring us into their communities. Huge thank you also to Dan and Becca Marcus for researching and preparing the fact sheets and prayer cards.

If you missed any of the virtual mission trips, you can still take the journey through the recordings, downloads, and supply box. Special activity for children on our virtual mission trips: Bring your completed Passport download to Children’s Min Director Jill Rumple or to Sharon for a fun gift!


We learned about the outreach of Iglesia Del Camino, serving the people in their community. We heard how Todd Erickson continues his pastoral role at IDC and how Maureen continues English classes in a new virtual way. We walked the streets of Santiago Zamora with Jonathan and Lauren Quintanilla, delivering food bags and books and educational supplies. Lauren & Jonathan taught us about Kite Day, then led us through our own kite construction. We made tortillas under the excellent tutelage of Ms. Rubidia and Emily. Testimonies from Elise, Lila, and Colton shared how God worked through their previous short-term team experiences. And, we learned about the history and culture of the country.

If you missed it, below is the recording of our Guatemala journey. Many thanks to James and Ann for being our Chat monitors! We have a few supply boxes at the church building if you would like the full experience! Contact Director of Missions Sharon Hoover (sharon@cpceco.org) for your box. Downloads for the journey: Mission Erickson fact sheet, Elevate fact sheet, and prayer card.


Our next “flight” took us to Africa. After a brief overview of Zambian culture, we heard updates from the staff of  Every Orphan’s Hope  on the impact of Covid-19 on the ministry. Three young adults who grew up with EOH — Thoko, Charles, and Helen — shared their testimonies. Then CPC members Cathy and Lindsey talked about their experiences while serving in Zambia. We watched an amazing video detailing construction progress in the new Bethel Home for babies. A couple dozen EOH children gathered to teach us a song in Nyanja and then we learned to make nshima & greens. You will NOT want to miss this entire trip. It’s well worth the journey!

If you missed it, below are the two recordings of our Zambia journey. Technical difficulties caused us to have two videos (actually Sharon forgot to press record!). Many thanks to James again for being our Chat monitor! Downloads for the journey: EOH fact sheet, EOH prayer card, and song lyrics for Takwaba Uwabe Nga Yesu.


Our final “flight” took us to Central Asia. We travel to Nepal to learn about Pastor Philemon Chhetri and the New Life Mission. We heard from Pastor Philemon about church planting, media ministry, and humanitarian aid. The Covid pandemic continues to have devastating effects in the country. Nevertheless, the Lord is at work through the church! For a cultural experience, Elisheba Chhetri taught us to make Nepali momos. Watch along and you will be able to make momos for your next family gathering!

If you missed it, below is the recording of our Nepal journey. One more shout-out to James for serving as our chat monitor: thanks, James! Downloads for the journey: Nepal fact sheet, Nepal prayer card.

If you have any questions about CPC’s mission partners and ways to connect, please contact Director of Missions Sharon Hoover (sharon@cpceco.org).