Each Christmas CPC spotlights the need of a mission partner and ways for us to respond. Last year we raised funds for our ministry in Guatemala. We raised the funds to build seven houses in a rural village the church is serving. Our 2019 mission team met built houses for five families living in vulnerable situations. In 2020, we will build houses #6 and #7.

This year we will come alongside Pastor Philemon Chhetri in Nepal. Through his ministry of New Life Mission (NLM), Pastor Philemon Chhetri trains local pastors and plants churches in difficult to reach places throughout Nepal. Some pastors are in the capitol city, Kathmandu, but many walk for days to reach villages to preach the gospel.The Himalayan region is not only challenging physically, but it is also hostile to the gospel message.

As pastors go out to serve, NLM helps support them about $900 a year. We hope to support 20 pastors ($18,000) in their mission to carry the gospel to the least reach places in the Himalayas.

How Can We Help?

CPC Missions invites everyone to join together to support local pastors and evangelists.

New Life Mission support their rural pastors for about $900 per year. We hope to raise $18,000 to support 20 pastors in 2020 as they carry the good news of Christ into remote villages in Nepal. 

Join Us

Will you consider joining us as we raise the support to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who have not heard? Let’s come together to provide $18,000 for local pastors in Nepal. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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Questions? Contact Director of Missions Sharon Hoover (sharon@cpceco.org).