There are many ways to serve here at CPC. Here you will find some of the more highly scheduled (weekly, monthly) ways to get involved in the community.



Lamb Center

The streets of our community are strewn with souls who live in isolation, and who need most to know the love of Jesus Christ.  The Lamb Center is a partnership of local congregations loving and serving the poor and homeless.


WFCM Thrift StoreWFCM

As an expression of God’s love and an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Western Fairfax Christian Ministries provides life essential support to those seeking assistance.

Please check the WFCM website for their most urgent volunteer and food pantry needs. Thanks in advance for helping these families who live just down the road from our CPC doors!

More ways to serve can be found on our Poverty and Hunger, Families and Children, Church Planting, and Disaster Relief pages.


Blog Posts About Serving Others With CPC

Needs for Burma/Thai Border Mission

In January, CPC is sending a small team to Thailand to serve with our mission partner, Farthest Corners. Missionaries Austin and Sinte House visited us last year when they were home on furlough. They shared their passion of spreading the gospel with rural villages along the Burma/Thai border. Among their needs...

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How to Join Advent’s Conspiracy

Each Advent we prayerfully consider a mission focus. As we prepare our hearts for the celebration of Christ’s birth, we want to reach out and care for the needs of others. We want to be count-culture to the consumerism that surrounds us. This Advent season we as church will focus...

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Award for Recycling

We received an award this week! Congratulations! You are one of the top 20 Earth’s Best Eco Champions winners! The top twenty collectors that sent the most baby food pouches in the Baby Food Pouch Brigade sponsored by Earth’s Best® during the months of September and October will each be...

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Letters of Support for the Lamb Center

Our mission partner, the Lamb Center, asks for special prayers and support over the next two weeks. Their new property under contract requires a Special Use Permit from the City of Fairfax. Would you be able to add your support prior to the public hearing on November 18? Details are...

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Stephen Ministry in Action

Serving God by Serving Others in Times of Crisis Jesus said “to love one another as I have loved you.”  He also said He came to serve – not be served.  These commands motivate  Centreville Presbyterian Church Stephen Ministers in action. In 2004 a small group of dedicated members gathered...

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Thanksgiving Baskets for Elderly Neighbors

This Thanksgiving, we will provide food baskets for elderly neighbors. Our ministry partner, S.E.R.V.E. of Prince William, identified eight residents who are in need of assistance. We would love your help to bring a bountiful feast to these home-bound neighbors! We’ve customized the food lists according to each person’s special needs...

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Equip the Guatemala Mission Team

Would you help us bless the rural village of Santiago Zamora? Next month we will send a short-term mission team to serve with the Erickson family in Guatemala. Our team will bring needed items to help the Ericksons extend their ministry outreach. They walk alongside numerous families to care for their...

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Eliminate the Idea of Waste

Thank you for everyone who has participated in the Terracycle program! We are still collecting specific “trash” items to recycle. The more people who participate, the quicker items can be shipped to Terracycle, and more the money we will earn for mission partner, Every Orphans Hope! Just a reminder, please...

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Plastic Bag Mats for Homeless

Our mission partner the Lamb Center has identified a need that CPC can meet for their guests who have nowhere to sleep but outdoors. To provide a waterproof cushion from the hard, often damp, ground, the Lamb Center would like to provide these guests with mats which can be made...

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