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Jobs For Life Graduation

Last month, the students from our first Jobs For Life class graduated! Thank you for your prayers for our students and CPC mentors.

The class laid a solid foundation on the dignity of work and the value of each person’s gifts. Students created a vocational plan with short-term and long-term goals. Several of our students included college course work in their long-term vision. Students also updated resumes, practiced employment interviews, and learned conflict management skills.

The students committed to faithfully participating in the twice-weekly classes. Lessons covered a wide range of topics including biblical principles of work, discussions of road blocks, and discovery of personal talents. Students spent several hours outside of class to complete home tasks. “When you hold another class, I would love to come to encourage the new students. The class and the workbook are a lot of work, but it is really worth the work!” (Student, Fall 2016)

An important aspect of Jobs For Life is the mentor relationships created between students and CPC members. Mentors participated sidy-by-side with our students every class. “I truly developed relationships with two people that I wouldn’t have otherwise had a relationship. This will allow me to make a positive impact on their lives going forward. I’m very happy to have been involved in this class, I’m very big on helping people escape the cycle of victimhood and dependence and onto the path of self-reliance. I am very happy that CPC is involved in offering a ‘hand up’ instead of just a ‘hand out’.” (Brad Pool, CPC mentor)

jfl-class-edit2The class impacted our instructors and mentors as well. We learned more about the needs within our community and ways we can come alongside one another. “Jobs for Life…let me see up close and personal that there are people out there with so many strikes against them (abused as a child, drug problem, jail, no transportation, no home  – and some of the folks have all of these problems, it is no wonder that they are having problems coping. It gave me a chance to actually help these folks learn how to fish instead of just giving them a fish and wishing them well.” (Wanda Mouser, CPC mentor)

The Jobs For Life program helped me understand the many challenges our students face each day in their employment search.  Our advice and coaching helped build their confidence, courage, and skill sets, all critical components in the job search (and retention) process. The Jobs For Life program is scripture based, providing powerful and relevant insight and advice around today’s job search process.  I  was blessed to see my student grow (spiritually) over the eight week program.”  (Duke Rollins, CPC mentor)

I served as a mentor in the JFL class in the fall of 2016 at CPC. By participating in this class, I got to know people I would not ordinarily meet. These people provided me some new insight into problems many people in our community struggle with daily. I was encouraged by the depth of the faith they have in God despite their many earthly difficulties.” (Elden Sodowsky, CPC mentor)

We look forward to hosting another class in the coming year! If you would like to be part of our team, we would love for you to join us in this life-changing class. Mentor Carol Wallace noted, “The thing that really stuck with me over the weeks of the Jobs for Life course was the change in the confidence level that I observed in most of the participants. As the weeks went on, it felt as if a level of trust and hope developed. I pray that the confidence they gained and the skills they developed in presenting themselves will reap rewards as they go forward toward their goals.

jfl-class-2016-edit2If you are interested in more information about Jobs For Life, please contact Director of Missions Sharon Hoover (

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