New Fall Lifegroup Seasons begins September 24.

“We must create easy access for all who want to be in a LifeGroup. We must have options available for every marker in someone’s faith journey.” -Chris Jarrell

Jesus said “Go make disciples.” This is the ultimate mission of the Church. If we fail at making disciples, it doesn’t matter how many buildings we build, sermons we preach, or songs we sing; we will have failed at God’s primarily calling to his people. We never want Jesus’ last command to become our least concern.

Becoming a disciple isn’t a linear process.  You don’t complete a series of classes or fill out a set of workbooks; it’s a lifelong journey that looks different for each person.

Often people equate discipleship with knowledge. Churches who view discipleship as information transfer seek to stuff as much information about the Bible into as many people as quickly as they possibly can. I realize this sounds noble, but the essence of discipleship is transformational not informational. Jesus did not merely ask us to teach everything He commanded. He asked us to teach people to obey everything He commanded, and the difference is massive (Matthew 28:19). The end result of discipleship is not merely the knowledge of all Jesus commanded but the obedience to all Jesus commanded.

The best structure to make disciples is the Personal Context of relational LifeGroups, that doesn’t just focus on those within the church, but also looks outward to those within our community. It is also not prescribing a certain curriculum but equipping, enabling and empowering servant leaders to disciple others from their place of passion and gifts to facilitate life-giving LifeGroups and meeting people where they are.

We believe LifeGroups can be a natural organic outflow of personal relationships and form natural connection points to form new relationships.

Our LifeGroups values these five ideas that moves us towards our vision for every person at CPC to be active, ignited and growing disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Marketplace – We want groups to meet in the middle of the marketplace. We also want to compete in the marketplace of ideas
  • Free Market – We have a free market approach to our Life Groups. We don’t want to prescribe what we do, we want our leaders to get a vision from God and run with it. We believe in equipping, empowering and enabling our leaders.
  • Belonging – We want every person to feel like they belong through relationships with a community of people. We want people to feel like they belong before they have to believe.
  • Life-giving – We want to be life-giving in our approach as we seek to grow. We want to be life-giving through encouragement and serving those around us.
  • Multiplying – Our focus as a growing ministry is to multiply—multiply     leaders, multiply groups, multiply connecting points and multiply group attendees.

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