Coordinates Summer LifeGroups kickoff the week of June 25 and end the week of July 30.


What is a Coordinates Summer LifeGroup all about?

This summer at Centreville Presbyterian Church we are launching a massive experiment, COORDINATES, where we will fuse together our heart for missions and the power of a transformational community. These LifeGroup communities will be meeting through out the Northern Virginia area.

For six weeks, what if we did a sermon series that all of our LifeGroups will follow a sermon-base curriculum that seeks to answer the questions, “Who is my neighbor?” and “How do I love them?” The semester will conclude with every LifeGroup prayerfully and creatively blessing their neighborhood.


Each LifeGroup will be based on a neighborhood…

A geographic neighborhood where you live;

A marketplace neighborhood where you work;

An interest neighborhood where you play.

Find a Coordinates LifeGroup to get plugged into.


For more information about our LifeGroups contact Chris Jarrell at