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WHEN: July 23-28, 2018

WHERE: University of Pittsburgh – Johnstown

WHO: Current 5th – 8th graders

WHAT: Week-long conference for Middle School students that is filled with awesome worship and talks, games, sports competitions, crafts, small groups, and hanging out with students from other churches.



WHEN: August 7-9, 2018 (9am – 4pm)

WHERE: CPC and in the local community

WHO: Current 5th – 8th graders

WHAT: Three-day Missions Week for Middle School students to get a better understanding of what missions is and how we can be missionaries wherever we go based on what Scripture tells us. We will be serving in the local community in a fun and interactive way, and see how these local organizations are meeting the needs of those around us.




DATE: June 24-30, 2018 (Sunday to Saturday)

LOCATION: New York City, more information on housing will come later


COST: $450 (there will be team fundraising opportunities, speak to Sam if you need financial assistance)

ORGANIZATION: City Service Missions (csm.org)

SAMPLE SCHEDULEWhat a six-night trip with CSM might look like

Excerpt from their website on the trip:

We help you experience a city. Living firsthand among the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of urban life is an irreplaceable experience. Our housing options are located in the heart of their respective city, providing you with the opportunity to eat at local international restaurants and discover the delights of Salvadorian, Middle Eastern, Filipino, African–American, and other cuisine.


We help you learn a city. There are unique issues and problems that each city faces. There are also unique and incredible things God is doing to foster and further His Kingdom in each city, through the indigenous organizations that operate on the front lines of urban ministry. You’ll learn what city dwellers face, and how to overcome challenging circumstances.


We help you help a city. At CSM, you become part of the solution for a city. By offering your time, energy, and prayers, ministry sites are supported and built up to their full potential of service. You will be integrated into a variety of hands-on ministry opportunities to ensure that your time is spent supplying substantive help to God’s people in the city.

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