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Caring Hands for Family in Crisis

CPC’s Amanda Horn is coming alongside a family in crisis this week. Please read through her message about ways to help…

Jeremiah and Emily Nichols are on staff with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), and serve at George Mason University. Last Monday an apartment fire swept through their building and they literally lost everything due to the fire.

There are several ways you can help if the Lord so leads. The Nichols are currently in temporary housing (on a monthly rental) but are in need of permanent housing. If anyone knows of any places to rent, that would be very helpful. They are hoping to rent a house that would be suitable for a 5-person family.

Additionally, the Nichols are in need of belongings. They will receive a small amount of money from their renters insurance, but it in no way will begin to cover the replacement of everything they once had.

I recently talked to Emily and she expressed certain needs that I hope we as a community could help with.

  • Kitchen items: anything that would be new or gently used is very helpful
  • Bed linens for childrens’ beds; all of the children are little girls. This would include sheets, blankets, pillows (new please), mattress covers, etc.
  • Adult bedding would be appreciated too, Suitable for a queen size bed. (please if donating bedding, we are looking for gently used items or new)
  • Bathroom items: Towels, washcloths, soaps, baby towels,
  • Toys for little girls. The children also lost all of their possessions as well, and I’m sure would love to have a few new items for play time.

The ages of the girls are 4 ,2 and 1.

Lastly if you have no items to donate but wish to help the family, non-perishable food items, gift cards to Target or Walmart would greatly bless the family.

Please pray for the family as they navigate through this difficult time.

I will keep everyone informed about arrangements for a location at the church to drop off any items you wish to donate.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me; Amanda Horn at 703-795-8723

Thank you again for the prayers, and support of this family in need!

photo credit: JonathanCohen via photopin cc

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